Engagement models we offer

To meet your unique requirements, we offer three distinct engagement models. Choose the ideal way to structure our partnership

Fixed Cost Project

In this model the customers provide project specifications and require Deerhold to bid for projects. Deerhold then provides cost and time estimates based on these specifications. If awarded the contract, Deerhold works to deliver a high-quality product within the budget and deadline.

Offshore Engineers for Rent

Under this model, Deerhold provides a team of offshore engineers and onshore project management officers according to the client’s needs. Each engineer is charged on a per month basis. The offshore team either works as an extension of the client’s team or independently under the direction of the client.

Onshore Engineers for Rent

Customers not ready to work with an offshore team can rent one or more engineers in a given period. Under this model, Deerhold deploys a team of engineers — and a project manager if needed — to the client’s site.

In cases where our clients work with offshore engineers, our offshore team conducts video conferences with the client’s team on an as-often-as-needed basis. Members of Deerhold’s local office also remain available at all times.

On-site Development

Through our experiences, we found that many of Deerhold’s clients prefer to have engineers on-site in their offices. Under this service model, the client specifies the type and number of software developers they need. Within a 60 to 90 day period, Deerhold then sponsors visas for engineers with a 4 year undergraduate degree. To provide service under this model, Deerhold requests at least 90 days prior notice and a minimum 1 year commitment for each software developer.

Offshoring - Step by Step

Deerhold has a large team based in Nepal that is ready to support any client’s needs. The step-by-step process under the offshoring delivery model goes as follows:

  1. Deerhold’s local team meets with clients to better understand their specific needs.
  2. Either an Agile development model or traditional Waterfall development model is chosen based on the client’s preference.
  3. Preparations for a software requirement document begin.
  4. This requirement document is sent to Deerhold Nepal for analysis. The Nepal team goes through the requirements and prepares a Statement of Work (SOW).
  5. Upon the client’s approval of the SOW, the service is conducted under either the engineers-for-rent model or the fixed-cost model.
  6. Under the engineers-for-rent model, the client agrees to hire a certain number of engineers for a certain number of months. This model is usually used for agile development models.
  7. Under the fixed-cost model, Deerhold quotes the cost in advance and delivers according to the SOW.

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