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Deerhold Ltd. was founded by Rudra Pandey in 2018. Before that, Rudra helped co-found D2Hawkeye, a healthcare analytics company, before selling it in 2009. Prior to founding Deerhold Ltd, he founded Deerwalk Inc., a healthcare analytics company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Deerwalk was acquired by Cedar Gate Technologies in 2020. Rudra also founded Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Nepal's leading IT college in 2011.

After growing two successful software product companies, Rudra’s group established the global software services holding company Deerhold Ltd, headquartered in the United States.

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Making visions come true is a Deerhold speciality. After all, we transformed a seed of an idea into a leading outsourcing software development company. We transformed a vast network of software engineers into a strong collective that offers IoT services, data analytics, web and mobile application development and much more worldwide. And we are transforming our vision of a diverse and inclusive company into reality.

Our inclusive policies are integrated at every level and in every business practice. For us, diversity and inclusion goes beyond the initial step of hiring. Equality is incorporated into every aspect of the workplace.

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Senior Php Engineer, Nepal Office410/24/2022View more
Senior .NET Engineer. Nepal Office210/24/2022View more
Data Architect, Nepal Office211/1/2022View more
Data Engineer, Nepal Office211/1/2022View more
QA Engineer, Nepal Office211/1/2022View more
DevOps Engineer, Nepal Office211/1/2022View more