What We Do

Deerhold is a healthcare product, services and analytics company based in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA with a major offshore office in Nepal and development center in Tokyo, Japan. Our strong network of hundreds of software engineers spans these three locations. This talented pool of resources collectively provides you with an unparalleled range of solutions and services around the clock.

Our flagship product is a healthcare price transparency platform called Tara for the US market. This product beats our competition both in cost of ownership and implementation time.

Our premier and heavily used service by our customers is healthcare data handling services. We provide a cloud based solution to you when it comes to managing your data pipes. We acquire, clean, QC and transfer data to your desired destination.

Why Deerhold?

As a software development and data analytics company based in Boston but working worldwide, Deerhold’s mission is to provide high-quality, custom software solutions and analytics to its diverse range of international clients.

Peace of Mind

We know this space, having over 25 years' experience delivering innovative technology solutions to the financial and healthcare industries

Customizable Offerings

We can adapt our solutions to fit your specific needs

Ease of Implementation

We partner with you to get you up and running quickly and easily

Project Management & Senior Engineering Support

Our U.S.-based personnel assist in project coordination, backed by a global support network of highly-skilled engineers

Onsite PM and Senior Engineering Support

We offer strong expertise across industries with software development and engineering resources proven to accelerate growth

Competitive Offshore Pricing Model

We deliver a significant cost advantage when compared with other countries around the world

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