Diversity and Inclusion: A cultural shift in software development

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Deerhold’s mission to bring exceptional ideas and people together. We know we can only grow as a company and a community when all individuals feel supported, accepted and respected. Each member of our team is a valued part of this company.

With our headquarters in the US and most of our software engineers based in Nepal, sourcing a diverse workforce brings unique challenges.

A historically patriarchal society, Nepal has come a long way. In 2015, a new Constitution guaranteed fundamental rights for all. Today, Nepal shows tangible progress in the empowerment of women and other previously disadvantaged groups.

Over the past few decades, the technology industry here has also seen great leaps in diversity. More women, minorities and other underrepresented groups are joining the sector than ever before. However, there is still a long way to go.

According to Nepal’s 2017–18 Labor Force Survey, only 0.5% of the female workforce in the country are employed in the IT and Communication sector. Female students with an aptitude for math and computer skills are still hampered by social and cultural constraints. They are grossly underrepresented in software development classes, but even those with the required knowledge or training struggle to get work in this sector. This problem is not unique to Nepal, but the country does have its specific challenges.

As a company, community and country, it is crucial that we bridge these remaining gaps. Jobs in information technology and other STEM fields will be ever more important in the future, and promoting these in an equitable way is key to meeting sustainable development goals and alleviating poverty worldwide. Yet these professions are still very much male dominated worldwide, and a lot of potential remains hidden.

Deerhold feels strongly about helping the cultural shift toward diversity through our policies and practices. Our company itself benefits greatly from this otherwise untapped potential. A lack of diversity leads to a lack of perspective. And for a company with a global reach such as Deerhold, varied perspectives are crucial.

For these reasons, women currently make up 32% of the Deerhold team, an impressive statistic in the context of software firms globally and Nepal especially.

Diversity: A stimulus for

Nepal is an agrarian economy. Development programs for software development skills are underfunded and underutilized. But it is also, according to the online course provider Coursera, one of the top-3 countries for emerging technology skills.

In Nepal currently, there is a gap between available IT skills and available IT jobs. This gap is more significant for youth, women and other underrepresented groups. This is where we come in.

A cutting-edge US software development and data analytics company based in Boston, but with a major subsidiary in Nepal, we source the best diverse talent from Nepal and elsewhere in the world to work on projects worldwide.

Our goal is to attract the top talent and experience, regardless of color, caste, creed, sex, gender, religion or national origin. We thrive on the creativity and ingenuity of Nepal’s diverse demographic. The varied perspectives and unique backgrounds are an important stimulus for innovation.

Having a diverse team helps us enhance our products and services, and it reflects the diversity of our global clientele.

Inclusion: Turning vision
into reality

Making visions come true is a Deerhold speciality. After all, we transformed a seed of an idea into a leading outsourcing software development company. We transformed a vast network of software engineers into a strong collective that offers IoT services, data analytics, web and mobile application development and much more worldwide. And we are transforming our vision of a diverse and inclusive company into reality.

Our inclusive policies are integrated at every level and in every business practice. For us, diversity and inclusion goes beyond the initial step of hiring. Equality is incorporated into every aspect of the workplace.

In the recruitment process, we first focus on a candidate’s skill set and personality. Then, we go a step further. Our hiring managers gauge the potential of each candidate. Young talent flourishes when given the necessary platform and resources. For this reason, we promote constant learning and continuous upskilling.

From organizing workshops on cultural sensitivity to celebrating different festivals of our multi-ethnic and multi-religious team, Deerhold follows a multi-faceted approach to inclusion.

Representation in software development:
An ongoing journey

At Deerhold, diversity and inclusion is a two-way street. We offer ample mentorship opportunities and keep clear channels of communication between team leaders and other employees. Our leaders love to engage with the rest of the team to identify ways to enhance their work experience.

Creating a cultural shift requires revolutionary thought and actions. Creating a lasting cultural shift requires commitment and time. It is an ongoing, evolving process.

The journey has just begun.

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