Our Company

Deerhold is a digital technology company, delivering SaaS-based healthcare solutions in the U.S. and IT and software development services to companies around the globe. Headquartered in Boston, we have offices in Kathmandu and Tokyo and are supported by a robust network of software engineers working from the U.S., Nepal, and Japan.

We offer healthcare solutions to assist organizations that need online tools to remain compliant with the latest legislation. Our IT and development services range from data handling to software design and mobile applications. Our presence across time zones allows for a 24/7 work cycle and both offshore and onsite development services.

Working with a variety of clients, including smart technology, healthcare, and telecommunications, we recognize each industry has its own specific needs. Our wide range of skills and competencies helps us cater to each client. A young company with a small core team and a broad network of experienced engineers, Deerhold combines the experience of an established company with the agility of a start-up, enabling us to quickly deliver innovative solutions.

Why Deerhold?

As a software development and data analytics company based in Boston but working worldwide, Deerhold’s mission is to provide high-quality, custom software solutions and analytics to its diverse range of international clients.

Peace of Mind

We know this space, having over 25 years' experience delivering innovative technology solutions to the financial and healthcare industries

Customizable Offerings

We can adapt our solutions to fit your specific needs

Ease of Implementation

We partner with you to get you up and running quickly and easily

Project Management & Senior Engineering Support

Our U.S.-based personnel assist in project coordination, backed by a global support network of highly-skilled engineers

Diverse Technical Expertise to Ensure Results

We offer strong expertise across industries with software development and engineering resources proven to accelerate growth

Competitive Offshore Pricing Model

We deliver a significant cost advantage when compared with other countries around the world