Culture and Values

Although we are based in the US, the culture and values of Deerhold are drawn from our strong Nepali roots. Our founder, Rudra Pandey, grew up in the small town of Kanakot in Dhading, Nepal.

A small but proud Himalayan nation, Nepal is abundant with ethereal natural landscapes. From majestic mountains to picturesque valleys and roaring rivers, nature has always been a guiding force in our lives. Much like their environment, the people of Nepal are dynamic, diverse and resilient. These qualities have formed the foundation on which we have built our company.

Our shared values fuel the culture and ethos of our organization and its diverse team. It guides the way we approach our work: with openness, mutual respect and an employee-first mentality; flexible work hours and a flat hierarchy. 

Company Values
The company values at Deerhold are cultivated from the different roles we play
Client Satisfaction: Custom software development solutions for you
The satisfaction of our clients drives us to be the best.

Our software development services are robust, effective, and scalable. We meet your company’s needs by creating extraordinary products. Be it custom mobile application development, web application development or UI/UX design, we place high priority on exceeding your expectations. We maintain open channels of communication and feedback throughout the entire process, and offer ample customer service after the project has been completed.

Company Culture
Investing in the talent that fuels us.
Supporting Employee Growth: Investing in the talent that fuels us
Investing in the talent that fuels us.

Deerhold is built on the talent and creative energy of our team members. With our employee-first mentality, we invest in the software engineers that form the backbone of this company. Their individual and professional growth is crucial to that of the company.

As a software development company, we are in an industry that is constantly updating itself. So, we believe in helping employees refine their existing skills and develop new ones. Through this process of continuous learning, our teams become motivated to carry out more complex work. Our employees value collaborative problem solving, and often come up with innovative and disruptive ideas. Our open-door policy and flat hierarchy enable teams to receive ample mentoring from the leadership to nurture this environment of partnership and synergy. At Deerhold, openness, respect, accountability and integrity is valued throughout the company

Empowering Communities
One individual at a time

Nepal is teeming with skilled technology talent. We harness this workforce and give them a platform to excel at our company. By providing employment opportunities in a progressive field such as software product development, we are empowering larger communities. It is the drive and talent of our team members and the values of the community they come from that make us who we are. It is a duty and a privilege to be able to give back to the communities that sustain us. 

Through our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we also hire and empower women, minorities and others traditionally underrepresented in the technology field. Within the doors of Deerhold, everyone is welcome and appreciated. We are committed to openness and respect. Yet creating an inclusive environment for all genders and ethnicities goes beyond the first step of hiring. At Deerhold we strive to create opportunities and provide ongoing mentorship. The goal is for our employees to not only succeed professionally at Deerhold, but thrive in their lives outside the company.

Company Culture
Investing in the talent that fuels us.
Company Culture
From values to software development

Our founder, Rudra Pandey, was raised by his grandfather, Kamala Pati Pandey, in Nepal. His grandfather’s guidance and lessons were instrumental in Rudra’s success. A pivotal lesson he learned early on in life was that of Karma, the Sanskrit word for “action”. This ancient philosophy places a focus on frequent, determined, and intentional acts. Karma reminds us to turn our words and values into action and prove ourselves through our work. This is what Deerhold believes and the philosophy our company is built on.

In our company, openness is another important core value. With our flat hierarchy and an employee-first approach, everyone in the team is encouraged to voice their opinions and concerns. Employees – as well as customers – will always be treated with respect and their concerns treated seriously.

Through a positive and energizing company culture, including flexible work hours, we encourage our teams to act with resolve and purpose. They pursue high productivity through completely engaging themselves. And they achieve their professional and personal goals by turning their values into action.

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