Why Work with Us
Why Work With Us

Deerhold is an upcoming global digital technology company that creates cutting-edge software solutions. As a software development and data analytics company in Boston with a major US subsidiary based in Nepal and additional offices in Japan, we bring together a worldwide network of technology experts. And we are looking to grow.

Work with a Diverse and Global Clientele

Deerhold’s impressive global clientele spans multiple industries, from healthcare analytics to wireless technology and fintech.

Our clients vary in size as well. At Deerhold, we work with emerging startups as well as large multinational companies. No two projects are the same. We give you the opportunity to flex your software development or data science muscles. With us, you could be working on a variety of exciting projects, ranging from mobile application development to IoT services, data analytics, website application development – and everything in between.

Many of our clients prefer having on-site teams in their offices, so we often send teams to client offices across the world. This way, our team members gain valuable global experience and exposure.

While no two clients or projects are the same, with every Deerhold client you will be making a difference, and with every project, you will be creating something with lasting value.

Work in a Dynamic and Collaborative Software
Development Culture

Deerhold runs on innovation. We encourage our teams to come up with bold, never-done-before solutions. As a young, upcoming company, the channels of communication between leaders and employees are always open and processes are flexible. If you have an idea, we love to hear it. In our dynamic and collaborative work culture, our teams are constantly brainstorming together.

We are team driven, and we create a positive and energizing environment where everyone can thrive. Each team member is a valued part of this young, growing company. Each brings their own unique talent and skill set to the table. As a part of the family, we encourage you to achieve your professional and personal goals. We want you to become the expert we know you are. At Deerhold, we will always be your biggest supporters.

Deerhold is a diverse organization that represents the multiethnic and multireligious countries our engineers come from. Equality and inclusivity are incorporated into every step of the employee journey. From organizing workshops on cultural sensitivity to celebrating different festivals and following a strict no-tolerance policy for bias, we follow a multi-faceted approach to inclusion. At Deerhold we are constantly evolving and identifying new ways to enhance the work experience at our company.

Work with Us and Grow with Us

The world is teeming with skilled technology talent. Our aim is to harness this talent and give our engineers a platform to excel. Deerhold is built on the immense talent and sheer creative energy of our team members. Their individual and professional growth is crucial to the growth of the company. We believe in investing in each team member. As a software development company, we are in an industry that is always updating itself. We help employees refine their existing skills and support the development of new ones through continuous learning and upskilling. At Deerhold, you would receive ample client-facing opportunities to help you become a well-rounded software developer. With a start-up mentality and a growth mindset, you can take ownership of your projects and improve your leadership skills.

The technology sector is uniquely positioned to uplift communities. Through education and employment opportunities, Deerhold hopes to empower people who are less represented in the software industry. Greater diversity in the team leads to more robust solutions. This brings more sustainable innovation for the organization as a whole. The true success of the company is tied to the growth of its employees. We view every employee’s journey with us as a chance to help them achieve their full potential. We are a dynamic and ambitious company looking to excel in all aspects. We do not just want you to work with us, but to grow with us.

Build a Global Professional Software Development Network

Our team consists of software engineers across the globe. By working with us, you will gain access to like-minded peers and potential mentors. You will get the chance to build a support system within your base office and across borders. Through our on-site software development projects, you get to work with different members of the team and build your own professional network. Being a part of Deerhold means being a part of something bigger than projects and clients. You will be a part of a connected digital community.

Join our Team

We are looking for people to join our team in a number of diverse roles. If you have expertise, talent and a hunger to succeed, and will not shy away from a challenge, you are what we need.

In return, we offer the world as your playground. We provide a positive and supportive work culture – one that is based on a collective respect for values and diversity. Our team represents diverse races, religions, castes, genders and national origins. We work together to embrace and celebrate differences.

At Deerhold, we are building a company, a community and a cultural shift. Come build it with us.

Our Offices

  • Boston
  • Deerhold Ltd.
  • 1666 Massachusetts Ave Suite P17
  • Lexington, MA 02420
  • +1 (781) 806-3036
  • Kathmandu
  • Deerhold Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sifal, Kathmandu
  • Nepal
  • +977-1-4493467
  • Tokyo
  • Deerhold Japan Ltd.
  • Dolce Shibuya 7F 16-14
  • Sakuragaoka-Cho Shibuya-Ku Tokyo
  • 03-6712-7677